Every girl admits that there are many days when she wakes up in the morning and has to rumble through the closet to find the suitable outfit for the day. And God knows that this is not an easy task to do. No matter how many apparel choices a girl has, she will never find anything to wear in the morning.

This also has a lot to do with the fact that girls get bored with outfits really fast; and need constant innovation with them to be happy.

Exploring the potential of the camisole & tank tops

Some of the highly under-utilized apparels that can be found in every girl’s closet are camisoles or tank tops. Camisoles & tank tops have been highly under-rated because women have not explored their potential. A lot can be done with these to make complete outfits on its own for various occasions such as:

For the Office

Who believed, you could wear a comfortable & humble camisole to the office? Well, you can! Black camisoles and coloured blazers go like a match made in heaven. Throw on a black camisole, a brown or a red jacket (if you want to experiment) on a pair of black trousers and you’re good to go! For a killer look, you could wear black heels with it and pull your hair back.

Layering up

If you’ve got curves, dare to flaunt them! Wear a skinny pair of dark jeans or a skinny pair of jeggings and a white cotton tank top over it. Layer it with contrasting scarves and junk jewellery; and you’re set to brace the sun!

For a casual day

If you are going for a casual day to the office, or for running errands, wearing a tank top will be beneficial for you in this summer. Pair it with an open check shirt to look kickass and convenient at the same time. You could wear a pair of shorts or jeans with them; whichever suits you the best.

Deep neck tops and dresses

If you still have those dresses with plunging necklines and deep neck tops; take them out and give them a new lease of life. Wear contrasting camisoles underneath them; and they can be transformed to new, modest dresses!

For skirts

Camisoles and tank tops look the best over short skirts and flared skirts. Accessorize them well with neck pieces and handbags to make a statement.


There are multiple ways to raise your style quotient using simple things such as camisoles and tank tops. Buy high-quality camisoles and tank tops from Letizia and flaunt your style while being comfortable in your own skin.

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