Wanna be a chick? Wear a suitable color of camisole and a skirt that is just perfect for your date night. Camisole gives you numerous looks; you just need to try on some best-colored ones that fit with your other attire. Camisoles are the backbone of a women’s attire. They have a unique tendency to beautify the body shape as well as add a pinch of variation in your usual style. There are lots of camisole variation that can be helpful in giving a new blend of style and design in your anywhere wear.

Size and length

According to your body shape and need, you may choose a cropped or waist length camisole. You must have heard about tank tops, these camisoles can be a perfect alternative for your tank tops. Spaghetti is boring and bland, give some stark if you gotta be a chick. Go strapless or strapped, your wish. Shoulder straps can be chosen as per your desire and the outfit it fits with. Thin strapped ones are a boon for your casual outfit and thick strapped ones can be your tank top. A perfect outfit is a camisole’s promise. Halter neck camisoles are trendy and cool. They look perfect under any top.

Perfect for sportswear, undergarments, casual outwear, or business wear

Do you wish to be a fashion diva at your gym or yoga center?  Pull on a camisole and be the same. A camisole comes with many styles that make a perfect outfit for any occasion. Wear a camisole with jeans or a skirt for an outing with your friends. Surely, you will be looked above for your best casual outfit. Wish to be it as your undergarment, wear it under a sheer blouse, inner top to contrast its girly details. You can also wear a jacket over it. Loungewear or business attire, it blends them with every occasion. The bland look of the corporate world can be eliminated if you wear a camisole underneath a business suit. Believe it or not, you enjoy multiple looks with one camisole.

Girls, out there! Add camisoles by Letizia to your wardrobe, experiment with styles this season and be a diva wherever you go.

Tank tops offer endless possibilities. They are available in short and long, wide cut or tapered, with wide straps or thin straps… For every taste there is a tank top, but how do you decide with so many styles to choose from? Our overview will help you to finally answer the burning question: Which tank top type am I?



The classic tank top is sporty and made primarily made of cotton. It’s not too short, not too long, not too relaxed, and not too tight.

Who should wear it: The simple styling and versatility of the classic tank makes it the perfect wardrobe staple for all men and women for just about any warm weather or sporting occasion.

When to wear it: For you ladies out there, the classic tank accentuates a beautiful neckline while not revealing too much, and therefore makes for both good office “under a blazer” wear and great leisurewear. For the men, it does well as a multifunctional recreational piece on hot days with shorts or pants, but it’s also for sporting activities under a zip hoodie.


A fashion triumph celebrated in recent years are women’s tank tops that are ride further down the torso and flow around the figure instead of clinging.

Who should wear it: Anyone who is all about comfort or wants to conceal problem areas around the tummy or waist should opt for a free-flowing tank.

When to wear it: The A-line cut looks great when combined with shorts or jeans. Our version is in the trendy racer back style for that added fashionability. In bright colors, this top also makes for a real looker on the dance floor!



Absolutely trendy at the moment are Tank Tops with wide armholes.

Who should wear it: This easy-flowing tank made of thin, almost transparent fabric is currently all the rage, for both the ladies and the fellas.

When to wear it: It used to be that this style of tank top was for pumping serious weight at the gym, but these days you can find this trend-setting piece at festivals, on the beach and of course cool summer parties under the stars. Good outfit combinations include skin-tight leggings, jeans, and sneakers. You can even layer a classic tank under a trendy stringer tank!

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Women are blessed with the luxury to stock up their wardrobe with endless options present out there. If there is one thing that is common in all of them is the way they flood their wardrobe with lots and lots of things, not matter, how unnecessary they might be. So, all your ladies out there, stop stocking up your wardrobe with unnecessary items and have a look at the 10 pieces that should be a part of your wardrobe.

A Plain White Tee

Nothing can be more versatile than a plain white t-shirt. Layer it under a sweater, tuck it into a denim skirt, or just wear it over a tank top, there are many ways to rock a white T-shirt.

A Multiway Bra

Tired of buying a new bra every time you buy a new dress? Don’t worry, as a multiway bra will solve all your problems. You can wear this under your backless tops or dresses, halter necks as well as strapless dress. A must-have for your wardrobe.

A Figure-Hugging Formal Blazer

A perfect piece for business meetings as well as a great evening date. A formal blazer will flatter your figure and give you a sophisticated and a chic look at the same time.

Pair of Formal Trousers

No formal attire of yours is going to be complete without a pair of formal trousers. Unveil the power woman in you by pairing a blouse with formal pants and rock that formal look.

A Little Black Dress

A little black dress is perfect for all sorts of occasions. Be it a skater style dress, a wrap style dress or a bodycon, your wardrobe will never be complete without a black dress. Pair it with a classy pair of shoes and enjoy all the attention out there.

A Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt paired with a beautiful sequined top will be a perfect ensemble for a formal meeting as well as a club night. Make sure that it’s neither too short nor too long, otherwise, you will end up in ruining the complete charm.

A Vibrant Scarf

Not just one, you should have plenty of these in your wardrobe. Right from the silk ones to the woolen ones, scarves are a perfect accessory to give a blast of colors to your personality.

A Leather Jacket

Want to try something out of the box? Well, a black leather jacket is all you will need. It’s a perfect add-on that will give your bland outfit a great appeal. Pair it up with black leggings and biker boots to get that badass look.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are perfect for chilling out on a summer weekend or on a beach holiday. Pair it up with a nice top and ballerinas, and you will be all set to enjoy your day without investing in extra clothes.

Black Statement Heel

A black pair of heels is an accessory that ever girl should own. Be it pumps, peep toes or stilettos, select the one that flatters your feet nicely and are most comfortable in.



Well girls, there you go. Stock these 10 pieces in your wardrobe and raise your style quotient to a whole new level. Don’t forget to pump up your comfort level with the help of Letizia’s comfort wear range. Browse the website and buy now from amazon/flipkart.


Camisoles are a perennial friend of every woman looking for comfort. Being a quintessential comfort wear for women, camisoles serve as a great apparel for women looking for comfort as well as to pump up his/her style. There are several unique ways to style up a camisole and blend it with your daily fashion. Fashionlady.in offers 10 different camisole styles that you can use in your daily life to make your same camisole different, every time you flaunt your comfort in it.


Read more about Fashionlady’s style tips for camisoles at its blog, here.

Buying the perfect dress for an occasion can be a very challenging task. After all, you have to impress everyone out there! And when you are planning to buy a tight party dress, you need to take into account a lot of things for it accentuates your assets and you do not want to highlight the not-so-flattering parts of your body. Before you buy a tight party dress, do not forget to buy a comfortable camisole. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should definitely purchase a camisole that gives you all the comfort before buying a figure-hugging dress. A comfortable camisole comes along with a number of benefits, some of which are discussed in the passage that follows:

Comfortable Camisole: A Wardrobe Essential

Most of us usually don’t pay much attention towards buying a camisole. But do you know the right kind of camisole can help you save yourself from wardrobe malfunctions? Here is why you should consider buying a camisole before buying a tight dress.

Layer it Up

You can buy a camisole to layer it with your dress. Since these fit your body well, these look great under a tight dress as well. Pick a camisole that is made from very soft fabric and goes well with the color of your dress, layer it up and you are good to go.

Say Goodbye to Seams and Panty Lines

These days, retailers are paying much attention towards making camisoles that are seamless and do not show any panty lines. In addition, when you are going to wear a tight party dress, consider wearing a seamless camisole if you do not want to get the unwanted attention towards those panty lines.

Tummy Control

When you are going to wear a tight dress, you would definitely not want to focus on your flabby tummy. Hence, consider buying a camisole that gives you tummy control. These camisoles will make your figure look great, giving your body the perfect shape.

Good Coverage

Wearing tight dresses doesn’t mean that you have to highlight your cleavage. If you have bought quite a revealing dress, consider wearing a camisole under it to cover all those areas, which you do not want to accent.

Bonus Advice: While you are going to wear a tight dress, make sure you keep your makeup minimal, and hairdo simple because if you will go over the top, then you might end becoming a disaster as the attention will shift towards them, rather on your dress. Also, be very selective while picking your heels as a killer pair of heels might snatch away all the attention.

So, these were some of the benefits that come along with a camisole. These days a wide variety of camisoles is available, so you can pick as per your choice and the dress you are going to wear. For a tight party dress, selecting a camisole that provides tummy control will be a clever option. The next time you buy a tight party dress, do not forget to buy a camisole.




Camisoles are a great invention. While being comfortable and soft to wear, they provide the right base for looking beautiful in a dress. As a small girl, every woman is taught the importance of looking beautiful and presentable in public. She is taught to look beautiful in anything and everything she wears, right from ethnic wears like sarees or traditional Indian suits to formal wear and western dresses. As a girl grows up, she is taught everything she needs to know about the dressing sense and style, without giving her a lesson in the importance of something as common as a camisole. Being the ultimate comfort giver for women who need to look presentable in tight clothes all day long, camisoles are still not offered enough weight when it comes to a girl’s wardrobe. They are the quintessential comfort wear that remains unmentionable throughout their lifecycle.

Presentable Looks begin with a Comfortable Foundation

No matter how unacknowledged their contribution goes in making women look presentable, camisoles take care of all the contours of women’s body while keeping her comfortable at all times. That is why camisoles must be purchased with absolute care as they make the foundation of a good dress. No matter if it is a formal shirt, a casual top or an ethnic kurta, if a woman wants to look presentable, she needs to feel comfortable and ensure a proper fit for a dress. And camisoles play an important part in ensuring a proper fit.

Cotton Camisoles: Essential Fix for Long & Tiring Days

With competitive lifestyles and hectic schedules, no more a woman has to stay indoors. She has to deliver as per professional and personal commitments and that is why days have become more tiring for a woman. If a woman does not feel comfortable in her attire, it becomes hard for her to perform. Cotton camisoles are the best way for women to avail comfort while still in office formals or party dress making her a winner quietly by lending comfort and confidence to succeed. Being made in breathable fabric, they ensure zero sweat lines even during harsh summers.

What is essential for women to start giving the camisole a bit more importance and take some time out from hectic schedules to shop for one that is a reliable partner to her comfort all day long and even during nights as a preferred night dress.



Every girl admits that there are many days when she wakes up in the morning and has to rumble through the closet to find the suitable outfit for the day. And God knows that this is not an easy task to do. No matter how many apparel choices a girl has, she will never find anything to wear in the morning.

This also has a lot to do with the fact that girls get bored with outfits really fast; and need constant innovation with them to be happy.

Exploring the potential of the camisole & tank tops

Some of the highly under-utilized apparels that can be found in every girl’s closet are camisoles or tank tops. Camisoles & tank tops have been highly under-rated because women have not explored their potential. A lot can be done with these to make complete outfits on its own for various occasions such as:

For the Office

Who believed, you could wear a comfortable & humble camisole to the office? Well, you can! Black camisoles and coloured blazers go like a match made in heaven. Throw on a black camisole, a brown or a red jacket (if you want to experiment) on a pair of black trousers and you’re good to go! For a killer look, you could wear black heels with it and pull your hair back.

Layering up

If you’ve got curves, dare to flaunt them! Wear a skinny pair of dark jeans or a skinny pair of jeggings and a white cotton tank top over it. Layer it with contrasting scarves and junk jewellery; and you’re set to brace the sun!

For a casual day

If you are going for a casual day to the office, or for running errands, wearing a tank top will be beneficial for you in this summer. Pair it with an open check shirt to look kickass and convenient at the same time. You could wear a pair of shorts or jeans with them; whichever suits you the best.

Deep neck tops and dresses

If you still have those dresses with plunging necklines and deep neck tops; take them out and give them a new lease of life. Wear contrasting camisoles underneath them; and they can be transformed to new, modest dresses!

For skirts

Camisoles and tank tops look the best over short skirts and flared skirts. Accessorize them well with neck pieces and handbags to make a statement.


There are multiple ways to raise your style quotient using simple things such as camisoles and tank tops. Buy high-quality camisoles and tank tops from Letizia and flaunt your style while being comfortable in your own skin.


The modern era and work culture have taken a toll on comfort levels of individuals. Everyone right from kids to adults has been sucked into a competitive stride- be it academics, sports, careers or daily lives. Women too have been facing the brunt due to demanding jobs and tiring daily schedules.

Amid all tiring daily routines, it is really essential for a woman to feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day. As one cannot work in casual attires – at least at workplaces, it is essential to look smart on the exteriors, while feeling casual and comfortable through best quality inner wear and comfort wear.

Mix & Match Camisoles with Trousers & Blazers… for the Perfect Formal Look!!!

Camisoles & tank tops, has been an essential part of women’s closet offer superior dressing comfort when worn underneath with stiff office formals. Women are known to be great experimenters when it comes to fashion and they can even pep up the dull and boring office formals with their fashion experiments. And through these fashion experiments, a woman tries to define her style while ensuring comfort for her body. No one can deny the comforts of wearing a camisole or tank top, and this is why they are an essential part of a women’s dressing wardrobe.

For years, these have been stuffed in one corner of a closet, to be worn as a night dress or at home. But with the growing confidence and styling quotient, they are being heavily combined with formal attires, office dresses and even formal business suits. One can easily notice a colleague wearing a camisole underneath a formal blazer combined with a pair of trousers at the office. Camisoles with a blazer offer a subtly cool yet formal look and promise supreme comfort for a woman.

Comfortable Camisole Combinations for Casual & Beautiful Looks

Also, one can even combine a comfortable tank top with a trendy check shirt and a pair of jeans for the perfect Saturday look, at the office. Women nowadays are also seen wearing camisole/tank tops underneath beautiful party dresses to ensure they are in comfort at all times during an evening party/night event. All in all, the camisole and tank top trend is in and doing rounds across modern women’s fashion circles, giving her complete comfort, personalized style statement and the confidence to conquer the world.

Letizia: The Powerhouse of Comfort Wear for Women

Letizia, motivating women to breathe bold through her attire, offers a wide range of trendy camisoles, tank tops and more at affordable prices. Letizia’s range, known for its quality, economical price point, and multiple color choices, can fill a women’s wardrobe with just the right kind of comfort wear she needs for office or casual occasions.

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